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March 29, 2020

Dear Bon Ton Family,

Yes, I said family. In my lifetime of 60+ years, your presence as customers has been in many cases weekly if not daily. We’ve come to know each other and our families, and in many cases extended families on a personal level. Every day I hear how’s your Mother, or Grandma from many referring to my mother Verla or Cindy’s mother Marion. Our compassion for you as customers is genuine, and we appreciate your continued loyalty during our current world wide dilemma. Cindy and I are social with our customers, and sometimes (like my Father Dickie) my brief Hi, how are you can reach a 10-minute conversation. I keep reminding myself that because of the recent events a 10-person limit is in force, and I need to remember that others may be waiting, and could feel uncomfortable with others around them in the store. Please forgive me for that habit, but to many that are alone they look forward to that contact, and I look forward to seeing them each day, just knowing that they are ok. Believe me, ourselves and our clerks know when we haven’t seen someone for a while and our concern is real.

Please be conscious that for your safety we have placed jugs of sanitizer next to each register, napkins by the doors for use with the door handles, and bottles of spray sanitizer to be used on the surfaces exposed to contact. We ask that you please be understanding that all of our employees have been re-enforced in sanitation practices, asked to continually be mindful of proper hand-washing techniques, and proper packaging of products. As human beings, we can make mistakes and I ask that you please respect that. We are trying our best.

As many of you already know, to help you and to keep our family of employees working we’ve brain stormed some ideas that hopefully helps us keep in contact with you. Many ideas have been hatched by things suggested to us, or inspired by late night insomnia.

1. One idea was the prepackaging of deli salads for quick pick-up. They are packaged in pint containers (1# average) and placed in the upright self service case (soda case- yes, it is NFS approved). These will be filled as needed, with a limit of 6 containers of each salad in the case to preserve freshness and extend your expiration date from purchase. We’ve added milk, eggs and butter for your convenience, and have condensed our soda offerings to make room for more essential needs.

2. Deliveries: We already deliver lunches to the Jefferson community. We also offer take out and curbside service. For curbside pickup, you will need to order ahead, pay with a credit card, give a vehicle description, have the trunk open or doors unlocked, and call when you arrive.

3. E.D.S. EMERGENCY DONUT SERVICE- (Please remember, when you see me grilling brats and ribs on Saturdays, the sometimes-blank stare I have is not mindless boredom, there is actually some continued activity happening between the ears!) E.D.S. came to me as I watched the continued passing of the Jefferson E.M.S ambulance on that morning. So, for those of you that have young ones at home, need a sweet tooth satisfied, or to treat those still working. All we ask is that you call a day ahead (preferably before 1pm to make our production time) to order, or be prepared to only get what we may have left! One dozen minimum. The first week we were very surprised on the number of orders. I lost count, but I believe we had around 50 deliveries between 4 mornings! THANKS FOR THE AWESOME RESPONSE! In response to all the inquiries, we will be offering deliveries 8am to 10am, 5 days a week in Jefferson, and 1 day a week to surrounding communities of Fort Atkinson, Johnson Creek, Rome/Sullivan/Helenville, Lake Mills/Cambridge. Please see Jessica’s schedule.


1. We are currently working on fundraiser ideas, which can come from you. These ideas must be for areas hit by the closing and loss of community donations. One in particular is The Jefferson County Humane Society. The idea is that we conduct a cookie sale of paw print cookies, cost is a dollar with 30% going to it’s needs. It does 3 things... Keeps my employee’s working, gives the recipient cash to help them, and you still get some goodies to eat!

2. Food Pantry- If your desire is to help those in need, consider this. Again, it helps us stay working, and gives food to what may become a stressed resource. Our part would be bread. Wheat or white only. These can be used for toast or sandwiches, and would help families with children. Example: $10 gives 5 loaves of fresh bread, $20- 10 loaves, $100- 10 loaves per day a week. Check with your accountant for tax deductions.

3. Triple help- Check with your church. Example: St Francis (formerly St Johns Catholic) has a Scrip program through The KC’s. You can purchase Gift Certificates through them for area businesses. Those businesses have pledged a percentage of the certificate to help The Church and school. We give back 10%. Call the church office for contact information. 674-2050 or Bill or Rick Loof at

Remember, these certificates can be used to purchase meals for parents, Grandparents, or others in need at this time. Also consider purchasing certificates for local grocery stores to bag and deliver to families in need.

4. Chamber Bucks- You can purchase Gift Certificates for local Chamber members. This will help local members. We at Bon Ton will give 10% Back to the Jefferson Chamber for use in Promoting Jefferson Community Events. I challenge other members to do the same. This can be a win win for the community.

I think you get the idea! I want to keep things moving for all of us, we just have to all be creative. Think of it…. I may not be old enough, but I remember the stories of the Great Depression, Rheumatic Fever, Mumps, Measles, WWII (rationing), and how we survived it!

Remember, Social Distancing of 6 feet (I can see a lot of twin beds in our future)


John and Cindy Radtke Bon Ton Bakery

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