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November 19, 2020

To Our Bon Ton Family and Friends,

Well, it is almost Thanksgiving and our “Pandemic” is still with us. I thank all of you whom have taken the right steps to protect yourself and those around you. Our lives have surely been affected by this as we learn to adapt and move forward. As we move into the Holiday Season, I would like to remind all of you looking for gifts for friends and loved ones that we can certainly help. We offer gift certificates in all denominations that could be used for noon meals, treats, or breads. For those of you that may not be acquainted with our store besides the typical bakery items (cakes, pies, sweet rolls, cookies, breads and buns) we also have a noon luncheon menu Tuesday-Fridays (delivery options for Jefferson), that consist of a hot entrée, soups, or sandwiches. Our menu changes daily and is posted on our Web site and our face book page every Tuesday morning. Many Seniors in our area call in for delivery, sometimes daily for their meals. This is a wonderful opportunity to set up an account to purchase meals for Mom, Dad, Grandparents, or someone you may know in need. We also offer E.D.S. (Emergency Donut Service). I created this service at the beginning of the Covid crisis as a fun way to fill the cravings for sweets for those stranded at home during the “Safe at Home” order. It was so successful we have continued to offer it, and most of all (we enjoy doing it!) We deliver starting between 8:30 and 9:00am every day in Jefferson, Tuesdays in Johnson Creek & Watertown, Wednesdays in Lake Mills & Cambridge, Thursdays to Fort Atkinson, and Fridays to Helenville, Sullivan, and Rome. We will deliver safely right to your doorstep (homes and businesses) or drop off points in our rural communities. It has gone beyond donuts or typical bakery, and has included soup, cheese, milk, eggs, butter, many of the staples needed for everyday needs.

The Holidays means….Cookies, lots and lots of Cookies! From decorated cutouts to “tea cookies” our cases will be full and ready with many of the “old recipes” from my family to many new ones we’ve come up with over the years! We will also have Christmas Stollen, Fruit Cakes (Oh, stop it! I heard the groans!), peanut brittle, and others! Assorted boxes or trays can be ordered and delivered as gifts.

As many of you may be aware, we have had our catering for parties and events somewhat interrupted because of our little virus. We still make food, box lunches for events (contained as individual meals with wrapped service ware for safety) and entrees and platters for you to serve for your guest. (we ask only that you comply with health department suggestions at this time).

So, we are still here to help you with your bakery or other meal needs. We all need to just be alert, comply and be safe in our daily endeavors. And remember, someone out there has a birthday…. So LET’S EAT CAKE!

John Bon Ton Bakery

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